Silence is fertile ground for the renewal of the heart and the growth of the virtues.

Tremble and do not sin; upon your beds ponder in silence.” (Psalm 4:5)


Silence can still the restless heart,
Like flesh is slowed with breath held deep.
In silence, fear and angst depart;
Hearts need silence like flesh craves sleep.

The stillness of silence is born,
Of peace and love which lift and flow:
Absorbing all that’s dead and torn;
Releasing all Life can bestow.

In silence, she’s keenly aware,
Of self and its futility:
Weak and sin-prone beyond compare —
Self-distrust builds humility.

Pure silence yields understanding,
And compassion, with charity,
That’s untouched by judgement’s branding,
And affection’s disparity.

From silence flows pure charity,
Self-distrust, and humility.

May the fruit of pure charity be born in our lives out of the clear understanding which silence brings.

(c) Paul Buis, 2004