In silence, the heart finds the means to be still and to wait for the coming of the Lord.

Be still before the LORD; wait for God.” (Psalm 37:7)


Silence prepares the heart to pray:
Naked and empty of all things;
Withdrawn within from disarray,
And the disturbances it brings.

Recollected, silent, and still,
Her soul awaits the Master’s touch:
Her emptiness His love will fill;
Her naked heart clothed with His clutch.

Her heart listens, watching, in wait;
The time He’s coming is unknown.
Should He arrive sudden and late,
Her soul stands ready near His throne.

The Master wants a waiting heart:
Which listens for His quiet knock;
Withdrawn and still, not pulled apart;
Attentive, without bar or lock.

In silence, her heart is readied
To pray — attentive and steadied.

May the Lord silence our hearts and grant us the strength and patience to wait with loving attentiveness for Him.

(c) Paul Buis, 2004