In the safe haven of silence, one finds the grace of courage to face and accept oneself in the light of Truth.

Murky Heart

When Raphael entered the house, Tobit greeted him first. Raphael said, ‘Hearty greetings to you!’ Tobit replied: ‘What joy is left for me any more? Here I am, a blind man who cannot see God’s sunlight, but must remain in darkness, like the dead who no longer see the light! Though alive, I am among the dead. I can hear a man’s voice, but I cannot see him.’ Raphael said, ‘Take courage! God has healing in store for you; so take courage!‘” (Tobit 5:10a)

The murky heart, whose depths unknown,
Stream currents of chaotic churn,
Harbours dark secrets never shown —
Truth’s disfigured with twist and turn.

The fear of pain, from shame exposed
In light of Truth, drives some away:
Their wounds remain festered and closed;
Their hearts heavy with disarray.

With courage, granted by His grace,
She surrenders hostility.
His gentle touch helps her to face
Brokenness with humility.

In silence, the churn dissipates;
The debris, surfaced in the flow,
Dissolve, as His love radiates —
Her heart’s true depths begin to show.

As wounds well up from deep within,
In silence, healing can begin.

May the healing light of the Lord penetrate the depths of our hearts and may He provide us with the courage needed to face what is exposed there.

(c) Paul Buis, 2004